Underwood University is a young and fast growing learning institution embracing diversity of cultures, nationalities and points of view.


University follows an open admissions policy for those who meet the educational qualifications.


Associated with an academy or school especially of higher learning.


Underwood University is a community where your expertise will be valued, your knowledge expanded and your abilities challenged


Smarter Education

Educate yourself on key trends in learning, advances in computing and the economic factors that are reshaping our educational systems.
New Technology and which helps faculty and students to develop the Business, Technology, Math and Science skills and Infrastructure needed for the jobs.

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Underwood University welcomes all applicants from diverse cultural/religious backgrounds.  Upcoming Important Dates:  5/6 (Mon) – 5/16 (Thur)        Summer Session I 5/20 (Mon) – 5/30 (Thur)    Summer Session II 6/3 (Mon) – 6/14 (Fri)        Summer Session III 6/17 (Mon) – 6/28 (Fri)        Summer Session IV 7/22 (Mon) – 7/27 (Sat)        Registration for […]

Underwood reaches out to community

Starting April 15, Underwood University offers ESOL classes to respond to the increasing diversity in the local community. Courses ranging from “ABC’s of American Life” to Advanced English Conversation will be offered. Class Schedules: Mon & Wed Classes            Tue & Thur Classes 10am – 12pm                10am – 12pm 5:30pm – […]