Register Now at Underwood

Underwood University welcomes all applicants from diverse cultural/religious backgrounds.  Upcoming Important Dates:  5/6 (Mon) – 5/16 (Thur)        Summer Session I 5/20 (Mon) – 5/30 (Thur)    Summer Session II 6/3 (Mon) – 6/14 (Fri)        Summer Session III 6/17 (Mon) – 6/28 (Fri)        Summer Session IV 7/22 (Mon) – 7/27 (Sat)        Registration for […]

Underwood reaches out to community

Starting April 15, Underwood University offers ESOL classes to respond to the increasing diversity in the local community. Courses ranging from “ABC’s of American Life” to Advanced English Conversation will be offered. Class Schedules: Mon & Wed Classes            Tue & Thur Classes 10am – 12pm                10am – 12pm 5:30pm – […]

Underwood Expands Its Recruitment to Asia

Underwood University announced its new initiative to recruit more students from Asia.  Richard Yoon, the president of Underwood University, has reached out to various educational and recruitment agencies to bring more diversity to the student body at Underwood. “We have established at our inception that cultural diversity and global outlook was key to Underwood’s success […]

Underwood Joins Forces with Center for Korean American Family and Culture

Underwood University has joined with a social service agency and to offer English language classes open to all whose who seek to learn basic fluency and competency in English.  Center for Korean American Family and Culture is a not-for-profit agency providing much needed service to the Korean American community in Gwinnett County, Georgia.  The Center […]

New Degree Programs Offered

Underwood University has announced in May that it will expand its degree granting programs.  Underwood has recruited new professors who will teach courses in Business Administration, Applied Music, Computer Science and Hospitality Management.  Richard Yoon, the president of Underwood University, expressed his excitement in announcing the new programs. “As a young University, we are taking […]

Registration for Spring 2014

Spring class schedules will be available for students by 1st week of December. The registration for Spring 2014 will begin on December 9 (Monday) – 14 (Saturday). Please contact Administration Office for more details.