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October 1, 2014
8 Weeks
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The Music Department seeks to develop students’ talents by training skilled musicians, fostering aesthetic discernment in varying styles of music, and providing opportunities for performing and creating. The Music Department offers programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with an emphasis in Church Music, in Performance, and in Contemporary Christian Music. The degree with an emphasis in Church Music and the degree with an emphasis in Contemporary Christian Music are specifically designed to equip the Music Minister in the congregational setting. These degree tracks stress practical skills needed to lead the church in musical worship. Students will gain the technical ability and an interpretative understanding of the appropriate body of church repertoire in conjunction with the local church ministry.

The degree with an emphasis in Performance is designed to develop performance and ensemble skills, understanding the place of music in its broader context as one of the humanities. This track provides performance literature including a well-selected balance of standard repertory and contemporary selections.  The Bachelor of Arts degree in Music program is offered with applied focus on piano, organ, voice, orchestral instruments, electronic instruments, composition, and choral conducting.


            The students who graduate from the program will:

    1. Have developed specialized knowledge of, and skills in piano, organ, voice, instruments, composition, choral conducting, and contemporary Christian music.
    2. Be held at a higher standard of technical ability, artistry, and difficulty in music.
    3. Have achieved a great level of depth and breadth of repertoire.
    4. Be able to train students to be spiritual leaders of the worship service and music ministry.
    5. Be prepared for a successful career in the field, both as performers and as teachers.


            All prospective music majors must complete and submit an application form to the Department of Music, and take part in an audition based on the concentration they are applying for. During the audition, prospective music majors will demonstrate a musical background sufficient for the understanding of basic musicianship studies at the level of entry into the music program. Auditions are conducted by the Music faculty, and the results will determine prospective students’ eligibility to enter the program. Applicants should contact the office of the Department of Music in order to schedule their audition.

Audition Requirements 

  1. Piano, organ, or composition auditions must include two solo piano works representative of the baroque, classical, romantic, or contemporary periods.
  2. Voice auditions must demonstrate clear diction, accurate pitch, acceptable tone, breath control, a concept of phrasing, and an ability to communicate through the songs. Singers must have two solo songs in contrasting styles chosen from the baroque, classical, romantic, or contemporary art song repertory. Audition repertory could include English and Italian art songs, German and French art songs, and oratorio and opera arias.
  3. Orchestral Instruments auditions must include at least two solo works, one of which must be a complete movement from a concerto or sonata from the baroque, classical, romantic, or contemporary periods.
  4. Electronic Instruments auditions must include two solo works in contrasting styles chosen freely.  

            Please note: All music performed must be memorized. Accompanists for auditions can be provided by the Department of Music. Applicants may make arrangements for accompaniment by contacting the office of the Department of Music.


The Bachelor of Arts degree in Music program requires 120 semester hours for graduation.  The curriculum includes 39 credit hours in general education coursework, 9 credit hours in general core coursework, 72 credit hours in music coursework, and eight non-credit “IR”s (Institutional Requirements).  A full-time student following the course sequencing provided will be able to complete the program in eight semesters, or four years.

There are five concentrations in the Bachelor of Arts degree in Music program:

  1. Keyboard (Piano or Organ)
  2. Voice
  3. Composition
  4. Choral Conducting
  5. Orchestral Instruments
  6. Electronic Instruments 



Students are required to meet with an advisor to plan their course of study and select courses each semester in order to meet the program and curriculum requirements as well as to meet individual goals.  The following suggested course sequencing allows for all requirements to be met and the program to be completed within eight semesters of full-time enrollment.  An individual student’s course plan may vary. In consultation with the advisor, alternate courses, approved by the Department of Music and outlined in the curriculum and the university catalog, may be selected to complete the program requirements.