Fine Arts


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October 1, 2014
8 Weeks
14 Hours


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Bachelor , Study


Art stands at the intersection of culture, politics, religion and philosophy, making it an ideal place from which to understand the liberal arts and the world at large. At Underwood University, the Department of Art offers students two tracks for study: ”Studio Art” in Painting or Ceramics. Both concentrations foster rigorous, critical investigation through active processes of learning in which students connect historical discourse with an engagement of art from multiple contemporary perspectives.

The senior year capstone experience allows studio majors to pursue intensive, original research in their respective concentrations.

 All students take FOUNDATION studio courses, and then choose a MAJOR STUDIO CONCENTRATION in Painting or Ceramics.


The objective of the Art department at Underwood University is to advance and disseminate knowledge in the basic academic disciplines of Art. The Art Program is centered in two and three dimensional studio art. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the broad range of educational possibilities available at the University and to enroll in courses that support their professional goals and enrich their knowledge.

This program allows a student:

  • To be prepared to enter the professional art world as self-directed practitioner, artist, or occupations in art museums and galleries. These goals are accomplished through a curriculum that includes hands-on studio experience and academic seminars as a vehicle for the investigation into visual expression.
  • To refine technical skills, with materials, techniques, and equipment specific to the production of their art.
  • To refine oral and written skills as a means to communicate the conceptual basis of their visual research and to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the cultural, theoretical, and rhetorical issues in art.
  • To hone professional skills as an artist needed to promote their creative research and to advance within their chosen career.



All prospective Art majors must complete and submit an application form to the Department of Art and it is also suggested that they submit a portfolio. The portfolio should show a selection of 12-20 examples of the prospective student’s best and recent art work. A committee of faculty will determine the prospective students’ ability to enter the program. A portfolio review is strongly recommended but not required to apply to the Department of Art.



Students are required to have a consultation with an advisor in planning their course of study, selecting courses each semester to meet the program and curriculum requirements, and meeting individual goals. The following suggested course sequencing is provided as recommended courses over eight semesters to meet the program requirements and complete the program within eight semesters of full time enrollment. An individual student’s course plan may differ, if in consultation with the advisor, alternate courses are selected to complete the program requirements. Those courses must be approved for the curriculum, as documented in this Catalog.

Students who have taken core Foundation Studios; ART101, ART110, ART130, ART160 and ART108 may choose a Major Concentration.